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Blog Tour ***Shadow Unit Series by Jamie Lynn Miller***

Meet Sergeant Connor Finley and Sergeant Shawn Weller--elite covert ops soldiers with Shadow Unit--a joint UK/US anti-terrorism task force.

Meet Sergeant Connor Finley and Sergeant Shawn Weller--elite covert ops soldiers with Shadow Unit--a joint UK/US anti-terrorism task force. Connor and Shawn's harrowing missions take them across the globe from London to Kuala Lumpur to India to Pakistan to Bangladesh. Fighting to stem the flow of ever-increasing terror attacks and to protect innocent civilian lives, they battle arms dealers, drug smugglers, biological weapon threats, and a madman hell-bent on revenge, facing death at every turn. Their private lives are fraught with struggles as well, both Connor and Shawn battling personal demons from their past that threaten their future. Amidst a backdrop of guns, bloodshed and violence, Connor and Shawn's love and dedication for one another never wavers, standing resolutely side by side, drawing strength from each other to continue their never-ending fight.

Books In the Series

Broken Soldier (Shadow Unit Book 1)
Rogue Soldier (Shadow Unit Book 2)
Hunted Soldier (Shadow Unit Book 3)
Snowbound Soldiers (Shadow Unit Holiday Short Story)
Genre: MM, Gay Romance, Suspense

Broken Soldier (Shadow Unit Book 1)

Sergeant Connor Finley and Sergeant Shawn Weller are dedicated soldiers working covert ops for Shadow Unit -- a joint UK/US anti-terrorism task force. Partners in the field and out, they had been through hell together for the last four years and made it through standing side by side. But when their latest undercover op to bring down an arms dealer plunges them into a world of drugs, sex and violence, Shawn must literally get in bed with the enemy in order to complete the mission. And Connor is forced to watch, helpless, as his partner is broken into pieces. Will love be enough to put them both back together or will this be their final mission?

WARNING: Contains scenes of drug use, graphic sex and realistic situations (2016 Rainbow Awards Runner-Up)
M/M Romantic Suspense 50,000 words
Shawn lowered himself down onto Connor and Connor held him tightly, both of them trembling as their orgasms subsided. Shawn’s voice was a shaky whisper next to his ear. “I love you.” Connor felt his heart skip a beat. It wasn’t the first time Shawn had said those words. He squeezed his eyes shut and buried his face in Shawn’s shoulder. “Shawn, I…” But the last two words lodged in his throat and refused to be spoken. Everyone he’d ever told he’d loved had died – been killed - and left him alone. His parents, his sister, his lover Mark. He never expected to get another chance at happiness and he was going to hold onto it desperately with both hands and not let go. He knew it was completely irrational, but he didn’t care. As long as he didn’t say it Shawn would stay safe. Shawn lifted himself up slightly to look at Connor and he could see the understanding in Shawn’s blue eyes. “It’s okay.” Shawn kissed him softly. “I know.” ~*~*~*~*~*~ Dawn was just breaking when Connor felt Shawn stir and he opened his eyes. He hadn't been sleeping, though. Neither of them had been, really, their minds too occupied with the upcoming mission to rest. They'd instead spent the last hours in each other's arms, making the most of the time they had left together. Connor felt Shawn's hand lightly trail down the back of his neck and across his shoulder and he lifted his head from where it had been resting on his partner's chest. "Hey," Shawn said quietly with a small smile. "Hey," Connor echoed then sat up and kissed Shawn for a long moment. When they moved apart Shawn looked down and unhooked his paracord bracelet from around his wrist, which he then fastened around Connor's. "Hang onto this for me, will you?" Shawn asked, trying for a light tone, but failing. Connor shook his head, refusing to acknowledge the implication of Shawn's action. He knew how much that bracelet meant to his partner. He'd received it the day he was accepted into the SEALs more than ten years ago and he had worn it every single day since. If he was giving it to Connor he was afraid there was a chance he wasn't coming back from this mission. "Shawn. No." Connor reached for his wrist to unhook the bracelet but Shawn covered his hand. "Connor. Please." Shawn's voice was rough. "Just…do this for me. Keep part of me with you." Then he swallowed and forced a smile. "Besides, it's just temporary, so don't get attached to it. I'll be asking for it back soon." Connor turned his hand over and linked their fingers together. "I'm going to bloody well hold you to that." The sun peeked over the horizon then, signaling the start to a new day. Connor released a long breath and asked Shawn a familiar question. "Are you ready for this?" Shawn squeezed Connor's hand. "I am now."

Rogue Soldier (Shadow Unit Book 2)

Shadow Unit may have overturned the illegal arms cartel in Kuala Lumpur, but the harrowing undercover op left emotional scars on Sergeants Shawn Weller and Connor Finley. Slowly, patiently, they piece their partnership back together, closer now than ever before. Until a new mission threatens to tear them apart. When Connor accidentally kills a civilian, he questions his job, his abilities, his worth. A timely offer of promotion seems his only way out, even though it means transferring out of Shadow Unit and away from Shawn. The arrival of Julian Montgomery, Shawn’s former CIA handler and lover, further strains their relationship. Julian knows all of Shawn's secrets as well as the past Shawn has kept hidden from Connor. Now the self-serving Julian wants Shawn back—with the CIA and with him. No one will get in his way. Including Connor. When the joint Shadow Unit/CIA mission to stop the supplier of a deadly biological weapon goes sideways, Connor is captured, tortured, and used as a human test subject. It’s a race against time to save his life. But who can Shawn trust? And who has gone rogue?
M/M Romantic Suspense 51,000 words
"Bloody hell!" Sergeant Connor Finley swore as he ducked behind the crate a split second before a spray of bullets slammed into it, sending shards of wood flying toward his face. This op had gone both pear shaped and sideways and he needed to get control of it. Immediately. Shadow Unit only had one chance left. Connor began running through possible scenarios as fast as his brain could process them just as their target let loose with another barrage of automatic gunfire, the muzzle flash lighting up the night. "Fuck!" Connor glanced to his left as his partner cursed and hunched over behind his own crate. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Connor idly thought that someday soon he’d keep a tally of how many times Shawn Weller actually said the word "fuck" in a twenty-four hour period. Did they teach him that back in his Navy SEAL days? Shawn's gaze flicked to the house and back. "We need to do something," he said. "He’s the last one left." Connor clenched his jaw, the muscle jumping. As if he needed another reminder. "I know, I – " he began but cut himself off as his comm crackled to life. A split second later the gruff voice of his commanding officer was in his ear. "Shadow One. Alpha. Send sit-rep," Lieutenant Colonel David MacDonald demanded in his Scottish brogue. "Shit," Connor spat, banging his head back against the crate. He ran a hand over his face then responded. "Alpha. Shadow One. We have one target remaining," Connor reported back. There was a long pause and Connor could picture the scowl on MacDonald’s face from where he sat at the communications desk back at the hub, five miles away. "Need I remind you we need him alive, Sergeant?" MacDonald finally responded. Connor glanced over to Shawn, hazel eyes locked with blue. "No, sir." All of Shadow Unit was well aware that if they didn’t take this last man alive they’d never get the intel they needed on the money man funding a terrorist cell of the United Jihad Council. They knew he was based here in the Kashmir region of northern India but not his name and exact location. There were four men inside the house when the op began. Now they were down to one. If they didn’t do something quickly there was a distinct possibility their target would kill himself instead of allowing himself to be captured. Connor squeezed his eyes shut in frustration but then opened them again as a crazy plan began to form in his head. "Bugger this," he hissed, decision made. He reached over and grabbed a flash-bang grenade off of Shawn’s tactical vest and pressed it into his partner’s hand. "Go on zero," he instructed, then kept low and darted off into the darkness, hearing Shawn calling after him. "Finn! What the fuck are you doing?!" Connor smiled inwardly at the nickname only Shawn was allowed to call him, a split second before his partner’s angry voice was in his ear. "Shadow Team, be aware that Shadow One is attempting a south side entry. Hold position. Wait for my signal then move in." "Shadow Three, copy that," replied Sergeant Mandy Cho, followed by Sergeant Chloe Davis. "Shadow Four, copy that." Assured that his teammates were ready, Connor crept silently to the back of the house, keeping his six-foot, two-inch frame as small as possible, sweating profusely in the humid climate with all of his heavy tactical gear on. What he wouldn’t give to be back home in cool and rainy London he thought as he wiped the perspiration from his face. He made his way to the rear of the small, dilapidated house, pausing outside the door, which was partially open and barely on its hinges. He cautiously looked inside, peering around the edge of the door. The interior was just one open room. A kitchen sink and stove were to his left, a small table and two mismatched chairs to his right. Beyond that a mattress on the floor with a ripped and stained blanket thrown over it. And on the other side of the bed, a beat up recliner sat in front of an ancient television set sitting on a box. The two windows had been shattered from gunfire and broken glass littered the wooden floor, along with three dead bodies, blood pooling all around them. Connor spied their last remaining target, who was partially turned away from him, casting furtive glances out one of the broken windows, his semi-automatic rifle clutched to his chest. The Indian man was breathing hard, shifting nervously. Connor hooked the strap of his rifle around his shoulder, leaving his hands free, then whispered into his comm. "Shadow Team, I have eyes on target. Shadow Two, on my mark." Connor reached out, silently and carefully easing the door open wider to fit his body through. "Three, two, one…zero." The flash-bang grenade sailed through the window and exploded at the exact moment Connor burst through the back door. Prepared for the smoke, intensely bright light and deafening noise, Connor did not let any deter him as he sprinted toward his target. Caught completely off guard, the man turned away from the light and smoke – unfortunately right toward Connor. His eyes widened and he raised his rifle, firing as Connor charged forward, now mere steps away from him. Connor saw the muzzle flash an instant before his head snapped to the side, blinding, white-hot pain tearing through his temple. He fell backward, managing to kick out and sweep the legs out from under his target. They both went down hard just as Shadow Team made entry. Connor got a glimpse of Mandy and Chloe subduing the man and then Shawn dropping to his knees beside him, clutching at his arm. He could see Shawn yelling, his partner's face a mask of panic, but Connor couldn’t make out the words as his vision went red, then gray, then black…

Hunted Soldier (Shadow Unit Book 3)

The hunters become the hunted when the past returns to haunt Sergeants Connor Finley and Shawn Weller with deadly vengeance. In the wake of the harrowing missions in India and Pakistan, Connor struggles to come to terms with causing the accidental death of a child, while Shawn tries to put Julian’s betrayal behind him. Adding to the emotional fallout, new trials arise - the appearance of a young man from Connor’s past turned stalker may have fatal consequences for him, while Shawn must confront his former heroin addiction and break free of the hold it still has on him. The challenges continue when a Shadow Unit undercover op in Bangladesh to shut down the pipeline of terrorists being smuggled into the UK draws Shawn and Connor into a web of lies and deceit from a man hell bent on exacting revenge on the two soldiers - demanding a life for a life. Will Connor and Shawn survive? Or will the jungle become their final resting place?
Gay Romantic Suspense 58,400 words
Shawn's eyes scanned over his partner, taking in his injuries. He reached out and cupped Connor's face with both hands, his thumbs gently pushing against his nose, over his cheekbone, checking to see if anything was broken. Connor's lip had stopped bleeding but his left eye was completely swollen shut now. "How bad is it?" Shawn asked as he continued his exam, slipping his hands under Connor's shirt to feel his ribs. Connor winced and pushed his hands away. "No less than I deserve," he muttered. Shawn grasped the top of one of Connor's shoulders with his hand and squeezed hard, while he pointed a finger in his partner's face with the other. "I don't want to hear that fucking shit from you right now. We have more important things to concentrate on than your perceived guilt. Like getting the fuck out of this jungle." Connor stared hard at Shawn, his jaw muscle jumping, before giving Shawn a terse nod. Shawn relaxed and squeezed his shoulder again, this time in approval and not anger. "So what's our plan?" Connor asked. "We're at a total disadvantage. This is his playground. We have no weapons, nothing." Shawn's face lit up in a triumphant smile. "Now that's where you're wrong." He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a folding hunting knife. "Your distraction worked perfectly. I got it off the guard's belt." Connor grinned back at him and clapped him on the shoulder. "Brilliant, mate." Shawn slipped the knife back in his pocket and looked up at the sky. "It'll be light in a few hours. That's when he'll start tracking us. We need to get moving." "Any particular direction you had in mind? I tried to keep track of where we were going, but they were purposely driving in circles." "Yeah, I came to the same conclusion." Shawn pointed to their right. "We know the truck headed back that way after they dumped us out." "Since we can't see the stars well enough and until we know where the sun will rise, that's as good a direction as any." Connor pushed himself slowly to his feet. "Let's move." It was slow going through the dark jungle, Connor and Shawn leaving as confusing a trail as the truck had left for them, splitting up and circling back around several times through the trees and underbrush, making it difficult for their soon to be pursuer to track them. They followed tire tracks where they could, but the darkness hampered their progress. Connor was two steps in front of Shawn when it happened. He heard the barely perceptible snick as Connor took a step forward. The sound was instantly familiar to him but before his brain could process it, a large, dark shape rushed toward them from his left, swinging down out of the trees, heading right for Connor. With his left eye swelled shut, his partner was blind on that side, unaware of the danger. "Finn!" Shawn yelled, springing into action and lunging forward, tackling Connor around his legs, driving him forward and down. But he wasn't quite quick enough. The heavy log clipped Connor on the side of his head and neck, sending him sprawling with a sharp cry of pain. Shawn remained flat on the ground as the log swung backward on its arc, the earlier sound now registering to him—tripwire. He quickly moved up beside Connor, who was laying on his side, unmoving. "Finn!" Shawn put his hands on Connor's shoulders and carefully rolled his partner over. Connor looked up at him, blinking sluggishly. Shawn ran his hand over the side of Connor's head and it came away bloody. "Shit," he cursed. "Finn, can you hear me?" Connor groaned and closed his eyes, his hand coming up to touch his head. "Nnngh…Shawn…? he mumbled. "Yeah, I’m here. Can you sit up?" Connor levered himself up on one elbow and Shawn helped him up the rest of the way, sliding him over to rest his back against a tree. Connor's head fell forward and Shawn cupped his chin in his hand and gently raised it back up. The moonlight was bright enough in this spot that Shawn could see Connor's right eye was glassy and unfocused. The pupil was dilated more than it should be, even in the dim light. He knew if he could see Connor's left eye it would look the same. "Shit," Shawn swore again. "You've got a concussion." "What…was that?" Connor grimaced. "A log. You hit a tripwire," Shawn told him, his voice grim. "Son-of-a-bitch has this place booby-trapped, Finn." "Christ," Connor muttered. "The bastard's stacked the deck."

Snowbound Soldiers (A Shadow Unit Holiday Story)

With memories of the past coloring their present, Sergeants Connor Finley and Shawn Weller use an unexpected 24 hours together in an isolated cabin on Christmas to help one another make peace with their ghosts and look toward the future together. (Set between Broken Soldier and Rogue Soldier but can be read as a standalone)
M/M Romance 7,100 words
Shawn tipped his head toward the fireplace. "Come here," he said and led them over, sitting down on the quilt. He removed the small box from his pants pocket and held it out to Connor. Connor tilted his head. "Shawn…" Shawn shrugged. "It's our first Christmas together. I wanted to give you something." Connor accepted the box and removed the lid. When he saw the gift, he went completely still, for inside was Shawn's Navy SEAL challenge coin, emblazoned with the motto "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday" and the SEAL emblem, the same one tattooed on Shawn's upper arm. Connor looked up at Shawn with surprise and confusion and Shawn understood the reaction. Connor knew how much that coin meant to him, the act of bravery it had been awarded for. It was as precious to him as his paracord bracelet. Connor shook his head. "Shawn, I can't." "No, I want you to have it," Shawn insisted. "Keep it with you, so you'll know I'll always be there for you. I'll always have your back, Finn." Connor removed the coin from the box and clutched it tightly in his hand, clearly touched by Shawn's gesture. He leaned forward and kissed Shawn long and gentle, his turn for thanks without words. But when they moved apart, Connor would not meet Shawn's eyes. "Hey, what's wrong?" Shawn asked, concerned. "I'm sorry, Shawn. I don't have anything for you," Connor apologized. "I haven't done Christmas gifts in a long time." Shawn shook his head, his voice soft. "You're my gift, Finn. This life we lead… It's hard and it's lonely. I didn't think it was possible to find happiness in the death and violence that surrounds us. But I found it. With you." Connor swallowed hard, his eyes bright with emotion. "I love you," he said simply. It was Shawn's turn to go completely still, hearing those three words, knowing they were still difficult for Connor to say after fighting against them for so long, with the pain and heartbreak he associated with them. With his heart pounding furiously in his chest, Shawn pulled Connor close, his partner embracing him just as tightly. His words were gruff with the emotion threatening to close his throat. "I was wrong," he whispered against Connor's ear. "This right here? This is my favorite Christmas memory."
Prize: An e-copy of Snowbound Soldiers

Jamie Lynn Miller has been writing fiction since childhood and decided to take the plunge and go pro in 2008, finding to her amazement that people truly enjoyed her love stories. She’s a romantic at heart, and her tales reflect the desire we all have to find “the one,” persevering through trials and heartache for that happy ending. Jamie has a degree in fine arts and has spent the last twenty years working as a graphic designer, though she’d much rather be writing. She was born in Chicago and still lives there today with her husband and their two furry, four-footed children, er… cats. If she’s not brainstorming story ideas, you can find Jamie at a sci-fi convention, in front of a furnace doing glass blowing, or on a mat twisted into a yoga pose.
Twitter: @JamieLynnAuthor



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Blog Tour & REVIEW ***Fire in the Stars by Nikki Groom***

Book: Fire in the Stars (Steel Souls#2)
Author: Nikki Groom
Genre: MC/Dark Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: 19th June
This is Book 2 in the Steel Souls series. 
The series DOES need to be read in order!
When Sadie Foster’s world collided with Ramsey Dalton, she never expected to find herself in the middle of a vicious war between two motorcycle clubs. Caught in a web of secrets and lies, Sadie begins to question everything about herself, and her life. Ramsey is struggling to keep it together. With the conflict between the Steel Souls and The White Wolves coming to a head, Sadie’s life isn’t the only one at risk. Pulled in all directions, Ramsey is torn between his feelings for Sadie, and his ability to keep everyone he cares about safe from harm. Uncovering a new reality at every turn, Ramsey and Sadie are pushed to their very limits and forced to evaluate everything they know to be true. But things are not always as they seem. And knowing who to trust can mean the difference between life and death. There’s no denying the chemistry between them, and it seems their paths were always destined to cross. But is their connection strong enough to withstand the storm? Because the reality is, there’s no war without passion, and no love without loss…
Buy the Book
Review by: Melanie
(4.5 Stars)
The second book in the Steel Souls MC series picks up right where book 1 left off with Ram and the MC not knowing where Ruck and Sadie are. They suspect their enemies, the White Wolves MC, have captured them and the club rallies to find them and get them back.

Holy crap, a lot of secrets being revealed, action, violence, drama, and just plain old OMG moments in this one. I’m surprised Sadie’s head doesn’t implode after everything she learns in this book, but what a journey she goes on in a short space of time. I like her and Ram as a couple, and the side characters in the series so far are really involved considering they are technically in the background.

I enjoyed Fire in the Stars and if there are more in this series I will certainly be reading them. I give Fire in the Stars 4.5 stars.

Meet The Author
Nikki Groom is a hopeless romantic, lover of all things happily ever after and firm believer that love makes the world go around. In her spare time, you will find Nikki laughing with her very treasured family, walking with her beloved dog in the hundred acre wood or curled up in a cosy corner with words and wine. She lives in East Sussex with her husband and two children. Having turned her hand to many things over the years, Nikki is now proud to add ‘author’ to that list. Having always been a dreamer, Nikki’s imagination stretches far and wide, which enables her to get lost in faraway places and imaginary people. Nikki loves to chat, especially about books! You can find her here…

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Release Blitz & REVIEW ***A Beautiful Danger by Lilliana Anderson***

Title: A Beautiful Danger
Series: Beautiful #7
Author: Lilliana Anderson
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: June 21, 2017


Bad boys. They’ve been Ruby Garvan’s weakness since she started dating. But, when one of them took the ‘bad’ in the ‘boy’ too far, her bones broke… along with her spirit.
She swore she’d never go down that road again. Her next boyfriend would be a ‘nice guy’—a man with integrity, goals and a heart of gold.
Armed with a stack of inspirational quotes and a list of traits her new man must have, Ruby goes in search of her happily ever after.
She’s convinced she’s found it with her self-defence instructor—a kind hearted man named Joel, who cares for her deeply. But when Flynn Trotsky literally slams into her life with the force of a steam train, he quickly derails her plans with his unwavering interest and refusal to take no for an answer.
After a drunken night of far too much honesty, the two strike a deal—two weeks for Flynn to show Ruby that he’s not the bad boy she thinks he is. If he can’t convince her, he’ll go away for good this time.
Ruby doesn’t think he stands a chance against her resolve to turn her life around, and agrees to get the pesky dare-devil out of her way and hopefully out of her mind.
But, when your friends are all on his side, the chemistry just might be too palpable for even the most stubborn red-head to ignore…. 

Standalone New Adult Romance featuring mature scenes.

Purchase Links


Review by: Jennifer
(3.5 Stars)
So, lets start with, I'm sure the experience of this book would have been a lot better had I read the previous stories in this series. Where is does sort of read like a stand alone there are things that are mentioned and characters from previous books mentioned that leave you feeling like you missed something. This is just IMO. 

So Ruby has decided that she is wanting a long term relationship and it has to be with someone that checks all the boxes on her list of must haves. Joel is just that man, he fits perfectly to her little outline. But Flint is the one that makes her feel, mostly frustrated, angry, annoyed. Flint isn't safe at all, and that's something that bugs Ruby from the start, when she judges him wrongly. When she is pretty much forced to spend time with Flint, she learns that she has been wrong in judging him and through getting to know him better, realizes that he isn't that bad guy she thought... only problem is she already has a man. Will Ruby give up her safe and predictable Joel for Flint?

So I really didn't like Ruby, and that really affected how I looked at this book. This had a really good plotline and there were some good bits in here, but for the most part I was just ready for it to be over. I felt bad for Joel and Flint at the same time and that was a bit weird. I give this 3.5 stars.
Also Available

Author Bio

Bestselling Author of the Beautiful Series, Drawn, and 47 Things, Lilliana has always loved to read and write, considering it the best form of escapism that the world has to offer.

Australian born and bred, she writes New Adult Romance revolving around her authentically Aussie characters with all the quirks you’d expect from those born Down Under.

Lilliana believes the world should know Australia for more than just its beaches and outback. Book after book, she successfully brings to life city and suburban characters much to her readers’ delight.

When she isn't writing, she wears the hat of 'wife and mother' to her husband and four children.

Before Lilliana turned to writing, she worked in a variety of industries and studied humanities and communications before transferring to commerce/law at university.

Originally from Sydney's Western suburbs, she currently lives a fairly quiet life in suburban Melbourne.

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Release Blitz ***Connor & Ash by A.E. Ryecart***

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Barista Boys Series

Danny & Jude (Book #1) Amazon US | Amazon UK 
Stevie & Mack (Book #2) Amazon US | Amazon UK

Length: 84,500 words


When you live in the shadows, it’s hard to believe in the light.

Each time Ash Hemsby strips off for a stranger in a hotel room or gets down on his knees in a back alley, a little piece of his soul dies. But debt is a hard task master, and money lenders don’t take IOUs.

From a shadowy corner of a hotel bar, Connor O’Brian watches the rent boy’s clumsy attempts to ply his trade. Beneath the younger man’s brash exterior Connor senses desperation and vulnerability, and his heart goes out to him – because he too bears the scars of living crushed and defeated.

A whispered conversation, a key exchanged, and the deal is struck. Yet the night turns out in a way neither expects.

A chance meeting brings Connor face to face with the man he can’t stop thinking about, and he’s determined not to let him get away a second time. Ash owes Connor for what happened that night in the hotel, but what was meant only to be the fulfilment of a promise begins to feel like something more.

Step by step, they begin to mend what is broken in the other. But life has a habit of tripping up the unwary. A random discovery, a scribbled, desperate note and a race across London brings each man face to face with the secret shame they have only ever wanted to keep hidden.

Secrets and half-truths have kept Connor and Ash in the shadows. Only the raw, heart wrenching truth can lead them out of darkness and into light. But is it already too late, and will the shadows reclaim them?

Author Bio

A E Ryecart writes mm romance/gay fiction about complex, multi-faceted men who don’t always make the right decisions. Filled with angst, high drama and emotional tension, she writes the books she likes to read. An avid people watcher, most of her writing takes place in a local café amidst the background hum of hissing coffee machines, where she can check out the other customers for character and story inspiration!

A born and bred Londoner, she may have moved to someplace more leafy but the city is still very much part of her DNA, which is why her books are set in and around present-day London, providing a thrilling, metropolitan backdrop to the main action.


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Blog Tour ***Seducing Cat by Adriana Kraft***

Seducing Cat
Meghan's Playhouse
by Adriana Kraft

Guest Post From Adriana Kraft:

That first kiss with the person who turns out to be the love of your life. Do you remember yours? I sure do, but my personal history contains nothing resembling the sniping that’s been going on between English professor Cat Shanahan and carpenter Kurt Davis for the first two thirds of our newest release, Seducing Cat. They’ve been spitting bullets at each other.
They’re an unlikely pair: She’s 34, newly tenured at the college in the small town of Burntside Wisconsin, and author and director of plays at the community theater in town. Kurt’s 24, a high school graduate who teamed up with a buddy to create a construction company and is doing very well. He volunteers as a set designer at the theater, and Cat’s hired him to restore the century-old foursquare home she recently purchased.
That age difference quite possibly qualifies the novella as a Cougar Story, but it’s so much more than that. To seize the love affair of their life, both Cat and Kurt have some deep-seated prejudice to overcome: upper class disdain for people who work with their hands, and working-class mistrust of the highly educated. Since our own extended families are filled with both academics and blue-collar workers, we’re familiar with this scenario—and we know that the deep divide can sometimes be overcome in real life, as well as on the pages of fiction.
This five book series was originally released in 2009 by a different e-publisher. It’s been unavailable for over four years, and we’re thrilled Extasy Books has contracted to re-release it, completely revised and re-edited. In the meantime, Meg insisted we write one more adventure. The six books will release approximately every ten weeks. Watch for Book Two: A Woman for Zachary in early August!
By the time the excerpt below occurs, Meg and Cat are already lovers. Kurt knows this, but he’s made clear he wants no part of whatever crazy scheme Meg is up to.


Level headed English Professor Caitlin Shanahan has finally earned tenure and purchased the century-old two-story house of her dreams in the college town of Burntside, Wisconsin—at thirty-four, she'd better face facts: her future is teaching college and writing plays, not falling in love. So why is she so drawn to foxy little hometown actress Meghan Keenan, who's rented her upstairs apartment, or worse, to the girl's gorgeous hunk of a lover Kurt Davis, a carpenter who's never even been to college? Twenty-year-old Meg has a plan. First she'll seduce the reluctant professor, then she'll share her sexual delights with both Cat and her brawny carpenter, and when she's successfully brought them together, she can make her escape and explore what's beyond the only town she's ever lived in. Kurt can't stand the up-tight professor who's hired him to build a gazebo and refurbish her old house—the house he wanted for himself. Even if Meg’s scheme succeeds, he knows Caitlin would never look at him twice. No need to go there in his fantasies…

Published By: eXtasy Books
Author: Adriana Kraft
Pages: 97 Word Count: 28175
Publication Date: May 26, 2017
Series: Meghan’s Playhouse #1
Heat Level: Four flames: Explicit sex, M/F, F/F; menage, FFM, FMF; voyeurism; anal sex; sex toys.
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Seducing Cat Mild Excerpt Wringing clammy hands, Cat stood in the small production booth behind the opening night audience. Openings inevitably made her anxious. There seemed no way to prevent it. This was her favorite place to watch the show, because from here it looked as if the cast performed only for her. Besides, no one bothered her when she was in the booth. The first act had been superb. Meg had the crowd in the palm of her hand, hanging on every word and responding to every gesture, and yet she had a way of not stealing the show. The cast performed well together. During intermission, Cat had visited briefly with cast members, giving them words of support before returning to the safety of her booth. Successful opening nights were so exhilarating, and this was one of those. She startled when the door to the booth opened and closed quickly. “Thought I’d find you here,” Kurt said softly, squeezing into the tight space to stand behind her. “She’s good, isn’t she?” Cat could barely make out his outline in the dark and quickly returned her gaze toward the stage. His physical presence took up so much of the tiny booth she feared suffocating. “She’s superb. Meg should be in New York. Look at her work the crowd, and they don’t even know it.” “She has a way about her, all right.” “She’s a blend of mystery, innocence and eroticism.” She wanted to take back her words as soon as she heard them. “Ah.” Kurt’s breath heated her bare neck. “She’s all of that, all right.” “Do you suppose she’ll ever take the next step?” “Maybe. If she’s supported enough. She’s more insecure about her acting than she lets on.” “I know. I’ve been trying to help her with those insecurities.” “I’ve heard. And I gather she’s helping you with some of yours.” Cat’s heart skipped a beat. She should bite his head off for that comment. But she was suddenly in a joyous mood as the crowd gave the cast a standing ovation. She squealed, “Yes! They loved it.” “Did you think they wouldn’t?” “I never know what to think until it’s over. I better get out there.” She turned around quickly and slammed against Kurt’s solid chest. She caught herself on his shoulders, then suddenly felt his arms holding her steady. In the dark, she couldn’t tell if he was smiling or scowling. And then he brushed his lips across hers. Her breathing stopped.

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Winner of the 2014 Bisexual Book Award for erotic fiction, author Adriana Kraft is a married couple writing Sizzling Romantic Suspense and Erotic Romance for Two, Three, or More.
One man, one woman, danger and intrigue – always a happy ending, but oh, what a ride! Readers can count on our Romantic Suspense line for gutsy characters, hot sex, and breathtaking intimacy as our hero and heroine battle outer threats and inner demons to stay alive and fall in love.
A man, a woman (or two), or another man, threesomes, foursomes—what’s your fantasy? We write our Erotic Romance stories to entertain, of course, but most of all we write them because we believe in happy endings for all who fall in love, whatever their gender, sexual orientation or numerical combination. Here you’ll find multiple partners, three-way, four-way and more, swing lifestyle, lesbian, bisexual, ménage and polyamory, in both contemporary and paranormal settings.
Together we have published over thirty-five romance novels and novellas to outstanding reviews. We love hearing from readers at, and here is our website:
When It’s Time to Heat Things Up

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Release Blitz ***Kingdom Vol #1 by RJ Scott***

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Length: 81,000 words


The Vampire Contract

A vampire guilty of murder on the run from justice to prove his innocence. A werewolf sent to retrieve him with one thought – that only the guilty run.

Vampire Micah Jamieson is found guilty of killing his human husband. He runs from the execution he is facing to get home. He just has to pray he’ll reach home before supernatural law enforcement, in the shape of a Glitnir Court Retriever close in on him.

Wolf shifter and Retriever, Connor Strand easily captures Micah and he’s fully prepared to take the runaway in. But his wolf has other ideas.

Something about Micah challenges Connor and his long held beliefs. What if Micah is actually innocent? Will Connor put to one side his own prejudices, and then risk both his life and career to keep Micah safe?

The Guilty Werewolf

Declan Finlay is the best Retriever that Glitnir has.

Well, he is now that Connor Strand has gone rogue.

He is sent to find Connor - the guilty werewolf. But he doubts that his best friend could ever be guilty and he resolves to track him down and find out why he ran with the renegade vampire.

When the Fae Alliance, reporting to Glitnir, demand that he not go alone he is forced to accept the Incubus, Levi Tiernan, an assassin, as his companion on the journey. If Declan doesn't kill Connor, then Levi will.

What happens when old lust and love dictate action and suddenly Declan is questioning everything he loves.

The Warlock’s Secret

In a world where magic is rare, Joseph Jamieson is one of the most powerful holders of power. Orophin Tiwele, or Phin to his friends, is the son of the Elf King and has magic of his own. The rules say two supernatural beings with magic cannot be together and Joseph and Phin have lived by that rule despite their attraction to each other.

The resistance is growing larger each day, but traitors threaten everything Joseph has built. He wants peace, but soon comes to realize the way to peace, is through war.

When the only thing that will save lives is Joseph and Phin working together, it becomes impossible to see where magic and passion end and where love could begin.

Author Bio

RJ Scott is the bestselling romance author of over 100 romance books. She writes emotional stories of complicated characters, cowboys, millionaire, princes, and the men and women who get mixed up in their lives. RJ is known for writing books that always end with a happy ever after. She lives just outside London and spends every waking minute she isn't with family either reading or writing.

The last time she had a week’s break from writing she didn't like it one little bit, and she has yet to meet a bottle of wine she couldn’t defeat.

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